• Tree Removal & Trimming

  • Tree Removal & Trimming

  • Face Cut Trees & Landscape LLC is a full service tree removal & trimming, licensed and bonded company. 

    Removing a tree can be a hazardous process. Whether you have a tree that is diseased, damaged by a storm, or simply in a bad spot in your yard, it is important to hire a qualified and insured company to handle removing the tree. FaceCut is fully insured for all tree removals, no matter the size. Our crews have experience working with all types of tree removals, including those that require a crane and involve power lines.

    Once the tree has been removed, FaceCut can grind the remaining stump, allowing you to cover the area with sod, gravel or in many cases a new tree or plant.

     The Albuquerque rains and flooding can lead to costly damage to your property. Remember to keep your trees properly trimmed and if you have a tree that is a hazard, trust FaceCut to perform a safe and professional removal.